Chasing Ghosts

by Everest Rising

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This musical collection is the result of the creative chemistry between the members of Everest Rising. Stemming from the pen of Dale Wade-Keszey, these five songs evolved into the renditions offered here through a combination of musical experimentation and refinement resulting in a rich tapestry surrounding each story concept.

"Chasing Ghosts" is both the title track and a theme, as all of these songs relate to something missed, missing, or imagined. These are universal stories about longing, regret, and the cycles of life. The story characters are sometimes real and sometimes fictional... not unlike the ghosts we chase.


released April 13, 2017

Dale Wade-Keszey - vocals, percussion
Pete Gernert-Dott - bass, vocals, percussion
Trevor Wood - guitar, vocals, mandolin
Bill Flanagan - banjo

Special guest Joseph Gumpper - violin intro to "These Rooms"

Songs written by Dale Wade-Keszey
Arranged and produced by Everest Rising
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bill Flanagan at Harmony Meadow

Front cover photo by Andrea Boldizsar
Inside photo by Matt Benson
Band member photos by Mitchell Joyce



all rights reserved


Everest Rising Schenectady, New York

Located in New York's Capital Region, Everest Rising is a tightly-knit quartet influenced by folk, jazz, rock and more. Together they create a progressive acoustic sound that is unique yet comfortably familiar. Their innovative instrumental arrangements and thoughtful lyrics take the listener up less-traveled routes. ... more

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Track Name: Chasing Ghosts
There were words I should have said but I just could not say
Like a coward on some battlefield I just drove away
Years of shame it haunts me like a thousand ghosts set loose in my night
Somewhere in your memories please know I tried

The winter was the coldest one that I can recall  
Snowstorms by the dozen, which laid in piles tall  
By the time the sun was warm enough to free me from my prison of white 
Somewhere in that winter please know I cried 
Somewhere in my future when I’m graying and the years go quickly past
Somewhere in my darkness when I’m staring at the bottom of my shot glass 
Somewhere in this lifetime I just need to know
That you know
On some dark and rainy highway, where I don’t know 
You’ll hear this voice from your past on some all-night folky show 
And those clapping of the wipers and the numbing green of the dashboard lights 
'Cause somewhere down that highway you’ll know I tried     



There were words I should have said but I just drove awa
Track Name: In a Minute
I can’t recall what the hell’s the story 
Why more pain then glory in this thing I call life 
I write alone searching for some meaning 
Through some thoughtful screening of my words
and how they sound 
But I’d trade it in a minute just to be right by your side 
And I'd trade it in a minute just to give it one more try 
I can’t disguise all those crazy feelings
With my senses reeling from the way it all went down
But I find some chords that give it that emotion 
And the silly notion that I’m cool and I’m all right
Try I will try – as the new light breaks the day
I'll try I will try – as the same light fades away 
I'll try I will try
If I had known to get my act together 
Shed that stormy weather let the sun's rays shine 
Still this I know no matter how prophetic 
I just wax pathetic and just move on 
Just move on just move on 
Just move on just move on 
Just move on whoa whoa whoa
Track Name: Somewhere, Colorado
There’s a girl with long blonde hair in Somewhere, Colorado 
Eyes as blue as the mountain lakes filled with melting snow 
Hint of summer fills the air wildflower in her hair
And spend those days without a care and watch the sun go down 
When do I go to Somewhere, Colorado
When do I know a warm and glowing smile
When do I feel instead of just dreaming

Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe in a while

There’s a house upon a hill stone walls and daffodils  
Casting stove cuts the morning chill as that winter dies 
Couple kids run in the yard life is full but life ain’t hard 
On that porch I play my guitar family by my side 
When will I go? When do I know?
I’m just a boy with a vivid mind stuck on some assembly line
Getting old and killing my time dreamin’ my life away 
Perfect girl a perfect scene I'll wrap it all in my perfect dreams 
But at day’s end I clean my machine in the south side of Buffalo  
When will I see? When do I feel?

There’s a girl with long blonde hair in Somewhere, Colorado 
I spend those days without a care I watch the sun go down
Track Name: Garden in My Mind
I’ll go back in the garden in my mind 
Where my thoughts are running through some better times
And I’ll know… all will be fine
When I’m back in the garden in my mind
So come with me blue skies on cool fall days 
When those leaves they dance down ride the streams away 
And I see….all I left behind 
When I’m back in the garden in my mind 
I can’t run I can’t hide from those duties that are thrust upon me come right to me lord
It’s not my style 
I’ll be trying God knows I’d be a lying if I didn’t say 
I just want to go home right now
I can see the tree line behind our home 
Where those quiet mornings we walked alone 
And it’s there I’ll pass my time 
Way back in the garden
Way back in the garden
I'll say way back in the garden
In my mind
Track Name: These Rooms
Fieldstone stacked and hauled it must've took a mountain  
Trees for beams and floorboards back then no one was counting  
Piled, notched and planed until your hands were bleeding 
A New World was cut and hewn for these rooms
The kids grew tall the corn grew high out wavy windows 
Babies cried and people died their love forsaken 
Boys they marched to war despite the plans they were making 
Some to die decades too soon from these rooms
Now we play there and the notes well they just dance on the floor boards 
And I’m singing a story I know this room has heard before 
And nothing new gonna happen between these stone walls 
The walls have seen it all… the glory and the fall

So within these rooms they find their strength and memories
Born of wood and stone and tears and fears and sweat 
They forged a path to carry on to seek their destinies
Of life’s sweet mysteries no regrets in these rooms

Now we live our lives filled with want and mystery
And what we say and do today is tomorrow’s history 
And within these walls we'll find some peace and meaning 
'Cause time creates a better view

From these rooms…
From these rooms…